January 25, 2011

"New" Looks

It's a New Year girls!! I know you know that but with a New Year comes new possibilities and new adventures. We started a new journey last week looking for a new church home. We had been feeling God calling us out for awhile and a few weeks ago took heed to that call. It will be a journey in the wilderness but we know that if God called us out he will provide a place for us. I am looking forward to this with much excitement and peace!

New Year...new hairdo! I cut my hair off into a shorter Jenny McCarthy kinda look. I am loving the new do and it's so much easier to take care of. Maybe I will post some pics soon. I get a little freaked out about posting a big pic of myself on here. Does anyone else feel that way?

Sooo..remember several posts back when I showed you my finds around Christmas from Pottery Barn. Well two weeks ago I decided to make some curtains for my kitchen windows to replace the ones that were there. I loved the old ones (thanks Mom) but just wanted a new look..cause that's how I roll!!
Anywho, I had just enough to make 4 panels..nothing fancy but it was such nice material and I did it right. Taking my time, ironing, pinning, ironing....you get the idea. I am loving the new look and for $8.00 for all of them...SCORE!

This beauty I found while shopping for a client at PB..she was only $30..loove!

 Remember way back when I told you about the Pottery Barn curtain I found at Goodwill and the other at PB, well I finally got around to hanging those too. I know it's been like fu-eva (you have to say it like that)! I'm not usually a procrastinator but I just wasn't feeling in the curtain hanging mood. Well they are done now, and here is how they look...

Hubby bought me the pillow on an outing to Pottery Barn...love him!

Picked these up at TJ Maxx..tan pin stripes with a ruffle..sigh..

I see the red feet..yeah probably needs a paint job..on the list!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Curtains turned out GREAT!!!!! I knew you could do it, the bedroom looks so Pottery Barn "gotta love it" right? My house needs a make over!know anyone who would do it for "FREE" LOL

  2. your bedroom looks great as do your new curtains. Can't wait to see the new sassy do!

  3. What a wonderfully relaxing bedroom!! And I love that you found PB curtains at Goodwill!!! :)