March 4, 2011


I am loving these beautiful spring days!! Doesn't it inspire you to get busy outside and clean, plant, and make things pretty...I know I'm not the only one right?? I want to plant flowers, move things around like I do on the inside of the house to get it ready for Spring and leave the dreariness of winter behind me. This week I have had a chance to get out there and give my old bench a new coat of paint. It's been the same barn red for about 3 years now and I thought she needed a new look! I inherited several quarts of paint from a friend of mine (thanks Sami) who was cleaning out her stash and chose a color for her new look. I have cleaned the porch, added some ferns and flowers to get started and now I am ready to jump in to SPRING...aren't you?

I hope you get a chance to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather this weekend and get your hands dirty planting something pretty for Spring!


  1. that's looking so springy! isn't thrifting so much fun? i've been on a winter haitus from thrifting but spring usually puts the bug in me to go out and find some bargains!

  2. Everything is gorgeous ... and I didn't even realize you had been by to visit the "stash." It's still outside my garage if anybody else wants to come take a look!

    I'm moving on to my dreary Adirondack chairs next. They're going green this season.

  3. it's a stash of paint cans ... free for the taking!