March 22, 2011


It was a regular trash day around these parts, nothing unusual, on my way home to pick up my boys and do some haircuts and grocery shopping. I took an alternate route through my neighborhood admiring the flowers and freshly cut grass that was being delivered. The trash men had already made their rounds and that is when I spotted her...sitting next to the road all by her lonesome was this beautiful piece of furniture! I backed up, pulled into the driveway, walked up (okay I might have run..) to the door and knocked. I asked the woman living their if I could take the piece since the trash did not pick it up..hello..I don't think they put stuff like this in their trucks!! She said sure if I could load it, I could have it! I yelled "thank you" and hurried off to get my boys to help me load her up and take her home! They might think I'm crazy..hmmm...anyways.. I can't believe what people will throw away!

I have ordered some new paint to try on her but it is on back order until the end of the month..ugh..I can't wait to get her all prettied up and show her off in her new home!

Really...she had me at drawer pulls..aren't they fabulous!! Can you see the detail?? She's gonna be a beauty!


True story peeps!! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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