September 13, 2010

Befores/Afters and a Barn Sale

After a little paint

Before and Boring


I love me some before and after pics! Everyone's trash is someone else's treasure right...All the things on the table were found thrifting!! I paid $1.00..yes you read right $1.00 for the base and found the lamp shade at goodwill for 1.99. Not too bad for $3.00. The other small trinkets (except for the pumpkin) were all under 1.99 also. The above pics of the roller cart cost me nothing since i had the paint and the cart was given to me! FREE, FREE everyone loves FREE!!  Did i mention i love a great deal?? 

Well I have hooked up with some very special girls over at the barnchicks (you can find them on my sidebar) for a really fun Barnchicks sale!! I will have all kinds of pretty things to purchase and lots of other vendors will be selling their wares...can I get a yeehaw?? When is it you ask?? November 13 ya'll!! Start saving your pennies and get the girls together for a beautiful drive out to Cost, Tx for a barn and some tents filled with great gifts and maybe something for you too..wink,wink! Check em' out..and stay tuned for a sneak peek of some things I will be selling at The Barn Chicks sale!!


  1. What great deals and ideas! You definitely have a gift! Very cute!

  2. Thanks Lauren for checking it out! Congrats to you and your hubby!! I know you were a beautiful bride:)

  3. Great Ideas, I just bought an old end-table and I am going to paint it. I have been researching different painting techniques and was wondering what your process was for painting the little white table?

  4. Thank you! You are too sweet! Brittani is going to be gorgeous!

  5. Karrie, thanks for checking it out! I love,love, love the new paint from Home Depot with the primer in it.It's the new line from Behr. You can sand it down if you want but i usually just paint it with the paint since it includes the primer. Now cabinets would be a different story..Hope you are doing good. God Bless

  6. Tiff, we're so excited that you're joining us this year. It was always a treat to have you as a guest at the Barn Sale, but to have you as a vendor is totally wonderful! I can't wait to see all you've created and found, and I'm anxious for our lunch next week!