September 16, 2010

My Garage Sale Chairs

Last fall I was out junking (yes I said last fall) and these two chairs caught my eye. The lady told me to make her an offer if I was interested and I offered her $5.00 a chair and SHE TOOK IT! (Birds singing...)  These are solid wood chairs and very heavy but obviously in need of a serious makeover. I saw the potential in these babies right away. But they sat in my garage for a year and last week I pulled those babies out and gave em' a little makeover.....drum roll please...!!!

Ta-dah!!!  They have a set very similar in the Pottery Barn catalog! Pillow is from Pottery Barn! Now go get your paint on!


  1. Tiff, I love what you do. You're so much like Suzanne that way . . . she finds all kinds of 'junk' and turns it into something wonderful! It's a gift.

  2. Thanks Tracy! It makes me happy that you appreciate it! I'm sure that is why ya'll make a great compliment each other so well!!