September 13, 2010

Welcome..I Finally Did It!

Welcome to my blog! I have been wanting to create a blog for sometime now and thought i would need the help of my children, but low and behold I did it myself! Yay me! My intent for creating this blog is to journal my life, my struggles, my convictions and some thrifty makeovers and befores and afters. Who doesn't love a before and after I ask ya?? I invite you to join on this journey with me as I go out on a limb and out of my comfort zone! Here is a list of 25 facts about me that you may not no particular order I might add..

I love, love sunflowers!
I'm a hopeless romantic
I love to sleep in
I love coffee with creamer (hazelnut or vanilla)
I dream of buying a farmhouse someday
Family means everything to me
I love people that make me laugh
I crave deep relationships
I love to thrift shop
I have amazing kids
I love Jesus..he saves me!
I love old music
I like to be alone but I struggle with loneliness
I'm a hugger
I love to decorate
I love being a wife and a mom
I want to visit the northeast part of the country someday
I know what grace and forgiveness looks like...
I know I wouldn't without Jesus in my life
I cry easily because I feel your pain/joy
Being late is my pet peeve
I don't have a lot of money but I am content!
I am competitive
I like to talk
Fall is my favorite time of year

Hope you learned a little bit more about me and hope you check in once in a while and leave me some feedback! Love you all


  1. So fun! I want one...yeah right, like I need one more thing to keep up with?! ;o) Look forward to keeping up with you even better now! Love you! xoxo

  2. Thanks for checking it out sweet friend! It should be fun to share some things on here. Stay you mucho!

  3. Love it! Looking forward to more posts =) Happy Blogging!

  4. Wow, it so cool where was this blogging when we were in school. So nice to see how Blessed you are, you have always been a wonderful person and it shows in your family and all you do.
    I will keep up with it, would love to get together. Have a blessed week and fun blogging. :)

  5. Wow! I'm so excited for you, Tiff! Welcome to the blog world - from the other side. You're now a blogger, not just a reader!

    I'm cracking up at your blog list. Here are some same blogs I read: resolved to worship, today's creative blog, the inspired room, the lettered cottage, between naps on the porch, heather bullard, farm chicks. HOw could we have so many similar blog reads??????

    I noticed you're missing Barn Chicks from your list!!!! Let's get on the ball, sister! :)

    I'll be very happy to see what fun you have on this blog. I'm in.

  6. Tracy,going to put it on there right now!! What was i thinking?? Actually i had to put mine in 3 times because i forgot to hit save..Hello!! Thanks for supporting me and it should be a fun journey! Hey by the way great minds think alike..jus sayin

  7. Tiff, I love it! I want to see some pictures of your stuff to. I'm so looking forward to stocking you. Love ya! Amber

  8. I am sooo glad you've started this blog. You have inspired me to get back to mine. The 25 things about you are 25 reason why I have always just loved you and why I miss you!!! We must get together soon.

  9. Hi Tiff -- love your blog and what a great idea! May just start one for myself. I miss having you in my life on a daily basis and I see what an awesome and interesting woman you became. I am sad often that i missed most of that journey with you since we started off down the road together all the time and little did we know the most fun was yet to come. So here's to your new blog and to me keeping up better with you! I miss you my friend!!!! love ya, shannon

  10. Sami, I miss you girl!! I have inspired make me look bad! Thanks so much sweet friend for your comment, i love you dearly and you my friend are sooo talented!! I would love to get together with you, it's sad when i look at your pics and see the girls all grown up and think the younger two were babies when I saw you last..ugh too long! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  11. Shannon, don't go there girl, didn't you see the I cry easy on my list!! I miss you too and regret that so much time has passed and we have not got to visit. Thanks for the compliment..we did have some fun times didn't we?? Thanks for following along in this journey. I love ya mucho!!