September 15, 2010

Sunflowers and a Sneak Peek

Aren't they gorgeous!! So I was at the store today doing my shopping when I look over and these gorgeous sunflowers start yelling my name!! What? They I ran, literally ran over and grabbed me a bunch and put them in my basket. Oh happy day..the things that make me happy. Don't fresh flowers just brighten up a room?

 I was once asked why sunflowers are my favorite? They are " just a weed "you know. My response was " yes I know" and isn't it AWESOME how God takes "just a weed" and makes it into something so beautiful!! I love that he is a God of color and beauty, don't you??  What about you do you have a favorite flower (or weed) that makes you smile?

Well as promised here are a few things I will be selling at THE BARN CHICKS show in November..if you would like more info. go to my sidebar and check it out. She will also be hosting small peeks into the vendors and their goodies for the upcoming show. Just a peek..I can't show you everything..!! I'M SO EXCITED! I hope your coming....

1 comment:

  1. I love tulips, but they don't last long enough. I also love glads, but too expensive. I think I'm too practical for most flowers. But probably my favorites of all time are our wild flowers and bluebonnets in Texas!